Petre Toma

Officers were investigating an incident of staking at Craiova situated southwest of Romania that involves 6 villagers.  They claimed that the person has transformed into a vampire and feast on the villagers blood every night.  They unearthed the corpse of the suspected vampire took his heart, burned it, mixed the ashes to water and gave it to the family.  Sounds medieval, right?  But this incident only happened last 2004.

The authorities investigated the incident as they were avoiding any controversies that time.  The people involved said that they felt as if they were drained out of blood after Petre’s death.  The granddaughter of Toma, Mirela Marinescu states that she saw the presence of Petre on her room one night and when she woke up she felt so weak and could not even stand up. The villagers said that a practice of exorcism has been done on their town for a very long town and has been proven effective against vampires.

The eerie incident started to happen when Petre Toma died, soon after families are experiencing a sudden illness.  Gheorghe Marinescu, the brother in law of the suspected vampire led the unearthing of the corpse.   They said that the position of hands and head of the corpse change since they left him and his lips are also stained with dry bloods.  They took the corpse heart and they said they heard him release a deep sigh.  The heart was fresh and full of blood.  They burned it and mixed the ashes with water and gave it the supposed victims and they suddenly became well.  But Toma’s daughter seeks the help of the law enforcers.

Upon investigation they found out that there were almost 20 similar incidents that happened in the past.  Six people were sent to jail due to the said incident.  In Romania, some of the people believe that vampirism is not a tale but a chilling reality.

Gheorghe Marinescu upon further interrogation said that he did not witnessed the appearance of Toma on his dreams, but his family confirmed that they saw Toma and one by one they started to get ill.  His ancestors’ had told him of signs to spot any vampirism and how to perform exorcism. Feeling nervous for the safety of his family, he acted on his own will and performed the traditional method of driving away the undead.

Dumitru Moineasa recounted the same experience that happened to him when his uncle died.  He said that he suffered a sickness that doctors cannot explain after the death of his uncle.  They performed the same traditional exorcism and surprisingly, he went well after that.  Several other villagers attested to the effectiveness of the said exorcism.  Nevertheless the authorities decided to file charges to those 6 people involve in the said ritual.


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