The Corpse with a Green Fungus

The incident about this certain corpse happened in 1970.  During this time a cemetery at Pittsburgh built a new mausoleum.  The crypts were pre-sold long before they were finished, those who successfully acquire a space on the crypt was given a temporary crypt that is positioned above the ground.  After the mausoleum was finished, it was the duty of the grave diggers to exhume the bodies and placed it in the assigned crypts.

The sight of the grave diggers transferring the body of the dead is so disturbing.  Some of the bodies has liquefied and leaked out of the casket.  The remains are also required to be physically identified by the mortician who performed the embalming.

The supervisor was able to remember every corpse they examined.  But one of them in particular is so bizarre that it is still fresh in his memory.  Compared to other with signs of decomposition and turned into a gelatinous element, this particular coffin that they opened looks like he just recently died.  But his whole body is covered with green fungus.  His flesh has been eaten by the fungus except for his face which was able to maintain its perfect figure.  They immediately identify the corpse and brought him back to his coffin and placed him in the 2nd level of the newly constructed mausoleum.

The maintenance group went back to the office on Monday, and they were shock to find out that the door isn’t locked.  On top of it, one of the crypts was opened and it’s empty.  The group decided to call the police and ask for help.  They searched the whole cemetery, after a few moments they saw the old make shift crypt cement which was made as a temporary crypt for the dead.  They noticed that one of the crypts was open and something was inside of it.

It was the crypt of the man covered with fungus.  It went back to its old place where it remained for the last five years.  They opened the coffin to make sure that no grave robber has desecrated the body.  When they saw that the corpse was still perfectly intact together with the jewelries, they placed him back to the 2nd level of the mausoleum and cemented it.

They noticed that there are fragments of mold that is similar to the fungus found on the dead body scattered on the floor.  There was also a smear on the glass door that is also similar to the green mold.  Two weeks had passed and it happened again.  Everything that happened on the first day that it went missing happened again. 

But this time it rained.  You can visibly see the tracks of the casket being pulled by someone.  There was also a foot print that was found on the ground.  The handle of the casket also contains substance that is similar to the mold found on the dead person.  It appears as if the man dragged his casket and placed it back to the original location.

The incident was never followed after that day.  His casket has been maintained well everyday fearing that he might rise up again and drag his casket back to the old crypt.


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