Ruvanush and the account of a man named Kropan

Ruvanush is a roman term for a wolf man, it comes from the combination of the word ruv means wolf and manush which means man.  The ruvanush is believed to be created by those vampiric witches that suck the blood of their victim during the night.  Those victims who survived the attack of the vampire-witch will turn into a werewolf at night.  But even if the ruvanush would return to his original human form during the day time, he will only be craving for raw meat and blood.

There are also accounts that a witch can also turn into a ruvanush.  There was a case of a poor man named Kropan during the 19th century that states about a witch that shape shifted into a werewolf.  Kropan is a fiddler, he is aware that his wife would leave their house during the night.  Kropan suspected his wife of having an illicit affair.  Every night his wife would wait until he is asleep and leave their bed.  One day Kropan decided to watch her.  She followed her wife, but to his surprised his wife is not having a relationship with someone.  He saw her changed into a wolf form and return in a human form the next day.  At the end of every hunt, she would bring those meats and cook it for her husband.

Kropan did not even bother to confront his wife.  He was well aware that his income as a fiddler is not sufficient to provide their daily need.  So instead of hating his wife, he was grateful for her to serve him these foods.  There was a time that the couples started selling those meats on the nearby town since they cannot consume all of it.  They were able to find success on this type of business.  Eventually they decided to open an inn to serve inexpensive dishes to the customers.

But the villagers started to doubt the credibility of the couple.  They blamed them for the disappearance of the livestock and thought that the wolf attack was initiated by the wife.  After some time, a priest decided to exorcise the couple.  The priest sprayed holy water to the couple, and as expected the wife shrieked in pain.  The wife eventually vanished and they turn their anger to Kropan killing him in the process.  Two peasants were convicted due to the murder of Kropan but they were later released on 1881.


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