The Bray Road Beast

The werewolf that lurks around Elkhom Wisconsin, popularly known as the beast of the Bray Road has been a source of fear from residents of Wisconsin and other parts of Illinois.  Witnesses described it as a huge furry creature similar to a Big Foot.  It resembles the appearance of a wolf able to walk upright.

Alleged sightings of the Bray Road Beasts


Mark Schackelman saw someone digging in an old Indian grave, or so he thought.  The site was believed to be a burial ground of Native Americans.  He watched it briefly and found out that it is a huge furry creature that looks like a dog and standing on its hind legs.  The next night due to his curiosity, he went back to the same spot where he saw the creature.  This time he didn’t only saw the furry creature but he also heard it speak to him in a disgruntled voice, he said the word coming from the bizarre cyptid sounded like “ga-da-ra”

A young lover was taking the same route to where Mark Schakelman reported the sighting when they saw a man-wolf creature.  They described it the same way Schakelman described it.  The light from their car startled the beast causing it to flee into the dark part of the road.  They went straight to the police department to report their unusual sighting.


Illinois, Dennis Fewless
Dennis Fewless who worked at the Admiral Television Corporation was on his way home when he encountered the beast, he described it as a huge wolf-like man, weighing at around 400-500 pounds standing at around 7-8 ft in height.  The beast ran off the street and jumped on a fence where he lost sight of it.  The next day, they returned on the same location to search for evidence of the sighting but the only thing they saw was a row of corns pushed aside to which they thought could be the path that the werewolf took.  Fewless stood by his statement that what he saw that night was not a human creature.


The police department received a call from a woman reporting a break in, upon further investigation they found out that what she’s describing resembles that of the Beast of the Bray Road.  The creature tried to break in the house and then turned back and went on his way.  It also inflicted a serious wound on one of the farm animals.  This time the beast left a huge footprint measuring at around 12 inches long.


Reports about the sightings of the strange creature started to surface the public when Doristine Gipson reported an incident that involves a furry creature, but until then people are reluctant to share their stories due to public humiliation and disbelief.

When Gipson reported her sightings, Scott Bray shared the same experience that happened to him at around 1989.  His pasture is near the Bray road where other occurrences happened. And just like before, the only trace it left was a huge footprint.

Around this time, Russell Gest reported another incident where he heard a rustling of leaves.  He thought that an animal was causing the bush to rustle but to his surprise a huge bear-like creature appeared standing upright. Scared for his life, Gest ran off as fast as he could. He believe that the beast is a breed of wolf and a dog since it possess a strong canine features.

On the same year, Lori Endrizzi, a bar manager was driving on the same road when she witness someone kneeling. She was at a distant of 6 feet away from the creature to which she described as someone covered with fur, with fangs and pointed ears.  The creature’s eyes are glowing even though the headlights of her car were not reflecting them.
Heather Bowey story is similar to Gipson’s.  Bowey’s story spread like a fire inside the school that will eventually reach Pat Lester due to the students talking about the incident inside the school bus.  Pat Lester, the school driver, was also the mother of Lori Endrizzi.  Bowey explained what happened that day after Lester relayed the story to Linda Godfrey.  At around 4:30 pm Bowey was on her way home after playing with her friends when she saw a huge canine creature passing along the creek.  The children, thinking it was a dog, called its attention.  The creature took a couple of steps towards their location, stood on its hind legs and charged the kids.  The creature followed them until they were half way to Heather’s home.

At around March of 1990, Mike Etten, a dairy farmer, elaborated a similar incident.  Though he was drinking on the time that the incident occurred, he is firm on his belief that what he saw that time was not a human.  He described a beast sitting like the animal raccoon, holding its food using its front legs.  He initially thought it was a bear until reports about the sightings of the creature was reported by numbers of people during 1991.

Doristine Gipson’s report

Doristine Gipson was driving along the Bray road on October 31st when she felt something jolted her right tire while approaching the intersection on the Hospital Road.  She went off the car to see what could’ve caused that to happen and to her surprise a large furry creature was quickly moving towards her direction.  Surprised and scared Gipson quickly went inside the car and drive away.  The creature jumped onto the trunk, fortunately the beast was unable to get a good grip due to the wet exterior of the car.


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