Fouke Monster

For more than a century, reports about a legendary cryptid have been circulating in the town of Fouke, Miller County Arkansas.  The sightings allegedly began in the 1970s and continued up to this day.  There were also reports about families being attacked by this hairy creature.  The sightings seem to be congested in the Boggy Creek where it was initially blamed for the destruction of livestock.  Later, it was revealed that the same creature was sighted in different locations.

The legend of the Fouke Monster was so popular that it was reported in the local media in Texas and covered by the state desk.  The Fouke Monster has also been an inspiration to a number of books and movies.

Between the years 1971-1974 those who allegedly saw the creature describe it as someone that walks upright and covered with dark hair.  It stands at around 2 meter tall and weighs approximately at 250- 300 lbs.  On later sightings the creature was reported even larger at about 3 meter tall. 

They said that the creature possesses a stench similar to a wet dog and it was believed to have a laudable agility.  It also has bright red eyes that are about the same size as a silver dollar.  There were claw marks and prints found that are suspected to be owned by the creature.  One print is said to be 17 inches in length and 7 inches wide.

Residents in the town of Fouke claimed that there were earlier reports about the creature during the 1960s but those reports have been unverified since the sightings was not yet reported by the local news.  During those times, the creature was called Jonesville monster.

On May 1, of 1971 the creature was blamed for the attack in the house of the Ford couple.  Elizabeth Ford mistook the creature for a bear that her husband chased away.  But later that midnight the creature supposedly returned and attacked them.  Bobby was able to survive that attack and he was taken to the nearby hospital to treat his wounds.

During the said attack, the Fords claimed that they managed to shoot the creature but unfortunately, no trace of blood was found by the authority.  The creature was sighted on different instances after that event including in an incident that happened on May 23, 1971 when three people reported a creature that is crossing a highway.


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