Glaistig is a vampiric ghost that is a part of the Scottish lore.  They usually inhabit the pools and bodies of water.  They are gorgeous spirit with a grey skin and long hair that usually wears a green dress.  They wear a long dress to hide the other half of their body which is actually a goat.

The Glaistig targets the adult men as their victim.  Their victim would be enchanted by their siren song.  After that, they would then drain them of their blood upon luring their prey on the pool.

Glaistig would often be spotted on the local market, looking for a worthy prey.  There was also a story about a young man from the market following a glaistig to the pool.  The creature and his prey accidentally passed a woman who has a gift of second sight and she was able to uncover the true identity of the woman.  The woman approached the friend of the young man who was lured by the glaistig.  The group of men rushed to the location to rescue their friend, but unfortunately they were too late; their friend was already in the pool of the vampire creature.  The men tried to approach further but a massive pool of blood suddenly appeared on the pool, which can only mean that their friend has already been devoured by the creature.

But even though a glaistig is deemed as a dangerous creature, sometimes they were also depicted as a helpful creature that guards cattle, elderly and dim witted people.  They would gladly offer the help in exchange for a glass of milk.

Like most of the vampiric creature, a glaistig is scared of salt and iron.  They will flee the land if they were offended, like the case of a man who allegedly offered boiling milk to the said creature.  The tongue of the glaistig was burned and decided to leave the land.  When going to a market, a Glaistig can be identified through its hair and dress.  If a woman’s hair and dress is soaking wet while roaming around the market then she is believed to be Glaistig.


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