Dennett Family

Annie Dennett was suspected to be the cause of his father’s illness; her body was exhumed hoping that it will cure his father, Moses Dennett.

Moses Denett who was born in the year 1759 came from Portsmouth.  His grandfather was a prominent blacksmith at New Hampshire, England and was believed to be one of the wealthiest families in Portsmouth.

Moses became a tailor and decided to move to Barnstead with his wife.  Moses and Betsey was blessed with 4 kids; Polly was born in 1782 and died 8 years later, Hannah was born in 1784, Annie on 1786 and Charles on 1788.

Annie Dennett died when she was 21 years of age, March 27, 1807.  Exactly 3 years after her death, a reverend priest attended her exhumation believing that Annie became a blood sucking creature and was feeding on the life force of her family.  Her Father, Moses was believed to be contaminated with tuberculosis that time, but as we all know, consumption has yet to be understood on that age.  Her family is the one who decided to exhume Annie’s body believing that it will prevent further sickness from the family and help their father recuperate from his health.

Enoch Hayes Place kept an account of what happened on the exhumation.  According to him, the brother opened the casket and as expected for someone who’s already 3 years dead, only bones and fragments are found inside the casket.  The diary of Enoch Hayes Place is a great example that even a high ranking official or a minister attends the exhumation of a suspected vampire. 


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