Nadilla is an undead creature who was believed to dwell in the Baghdad city during the 15th Century. Nadilla is a woman who married a handsome man named Abdul-Hassan, he was a son of a very wealthy merchant and was supposed to be married to another woman.  When he was asked about his upcoming marriage, he was advised to think about what will become of his marriage first and to relax on the country side.  While he was walking on the country side, he heard a beautiful voice of a woman.  He followed the mysterious voice and saw a stunning woman.  Though he doesn’t know anything about the beautiful woman, Abdul-Hassan asked her to marry him.  His father agreed to the idea of his marriage with the women but he somehow felt that there was something strange.

The two of them had been experiencing the happiest day of their life, the only thing strange about the lady is that she refused to consume any food during dinner; the woman claimed that she is on a strict diet.  Abdul-Hassan started to have doubt with his wife; he saw her leaving the house at night and returning before the breaking of dawn.  He suspected that he might have another man in her life.  When he decided to follow her one night, he was astonished to discover that her destination is the cemetery. She would dig up a freshly buried corpse and eat them.

Abdul-Hassan confronted his wife and asked her about the incident that he witnessed.  Nadilla was unable to give him any answer.  That night while Abdul-Hassan was sleeping, Nadilla tried to attack him, Abdul was able to strike him with the sharp sword and her remains were placed in the coffin.  After three days, Nadilla allegedly came back to life with a super human strength, fortunately Hassan was able to flee and escape.  The next day they went to her tomb, they noticed that her body has no sign of decay.  But what is more surprising is the amount of blood that is spread throughout her coffin.  Hassan decided to burn the remains of Nadilla, her ashes were dispersed in the River of Tigris after.


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