Elifasi Msomi

Elifasi Msomi is a witch doctor who is responsible for the deaths of 15 women while allegedly being controlled by a vampiric spirit called tokoloshe (tikoloshe) It was Msomi’s wish to become more powerful,  that’s why he summoned the demon.  The demon apparently told him that in order for him to become more powerful, he would need to sacrifice flesh and blood of humans.

To prove his loyalty to the demon, Elifasi Msomi called on her mistress to witness the horrid view of him raping a girl.  He then stabbed the young girl to death.  Instead of being impressed with his ability to communicate with the demons, his mistress ran to the police and he was arrested.    But shortly after his arrest, Msomi was able to escape the prison.  He said that his escape was all thanks to the tokoloshe.

On the month of April, 1955, he was already attributed for stabbing 5 children to death.  Elifasi Msomi was once again arrested and placed into custody. But as soon as he was transferred into the normal cell, Msomi was once again able to escape.  He again claimed that the tokoloshe helped him in his escape.

A month later and there are now a total of 15 victims and for the third time he was arrested. Elifasi Msomi was even confident to help the police on their search for the undiscovered bodies since he believe that he will once again be helped by the tokoloshe on his escape.  But this time, the tokoloshe could no longer help him since Msomi was sentenced to death in September 1955.

The culture about the tokoloshe was so strong that the prison guard let a witchdoctor in just to see the body of Msomi after he was hanged.  They said that Elifasi Msomi is indeed dead and the tokoloshe already left the body of the murderer to search for a new host.


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