Shen Changying and Shen Changping

Shen Changying who was born in the year 1975 together with Shen Changping born in 1983 are serial killers, cannibals and brothers who are held responsible for eating the liver of 11 prostitutes from the period of June 2003- August 2004.  They were known to have 4 female accomplices.

In June of 2003, the very first victim of the duo in the area of Langzhou, Gansu in China was named Yao Fang.  They lured her to their house where they bounded her.  They also forced her to provide her bank information and she was dismembered after giving that information.

On November of 2003, they met Li Chunling and she was robbed the same way they did to Yao Fang.  But Li Chunling refused to end the same way as Yao Fang, she told them that he would be able to bring them more victims if she would only let them live.  So the brothers decided not to kill her and make her an accomplice.  Li brought them a prostitute after a couple of days, the duo then asked Li to kill the prostitute after robbing her.  They then remove the kidney of the victim before pouring down sulfuric acid to her body and burning her.  The remains were then flushed down the toilet.

In April 2004, they met Zhao Meiying whom they also forced to bring additional prostitutes.  When Zhao Meiying arrived, they robbed again the poor prostitute and asked her to stab the woman to death.  They then told Zhao Meiying to place the parts on a food processor and then flushed the grounded meat to the toilet.

Zhao then surrendered to the police followed by the capture of Li.  The duo of serial killer was also captured in Shijiazhuan in August.  They were caught while trying to get rid of the remains of their victim.


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