The Vampire Beast of North Carolina

In the year 1953, a local newspaper reported about the beast that allegedly kills dogs by draining them of their blood.  Bladenboro newspaper reported that the beast apparently possessed the body of a bear with a head of a cat.  It also makes a bizarre scream when it opens its mouth which is similar to a scream of a woman.

The article from the newspaper caught the attention of the public that a group of farmer went to the area to hunt the supposed creature that preys their dogs.  They were unable to find the creature or even find a single trace of it.  Eventually the bizarre killings just stopped.

In 2003, the strange death of animals strike again.  But this time the area affected by the unknown attack increased as there were similar incidents being reported in an area 150 miles away from Bladenboro. This time, the creature can now slay even the biggest pit bulls.  Attacks on the pets of the locals were unable to explain by the wildlife biologist.  And just like the first incident, the attack on their pets suddenly stops as quickly as it started on June 15, 2013.

According to a report of Thomas Byers a resident of Bladenboro named Misty Turner together with her son Tyler sought the help of the police after they spotted something on their farm at the wee hours of the night.  The creature allegedly killed 3 of their horses and their large Mastiff dog.  Tyler discovered the dead horses after the bark of the dog alerted them.

The police and the veterinarians who went to the scene were surprised to know that the horses died because of the two puncture wounds around their neck area.  What is more bizarre is that the location of the wound is made to drain the blood of the animals.  The horses were also said to be covered with sweat as if they were trying to run and avoid something that wanted to harm them.

The next evening, the Turner was shocked to see that their dog was killed in the same way.  Misty claimed that she saw the creature that killed their dog running away from the carcass of their pet dog.  The description of the creature matches that of the creature that was spotted on 1953.


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