The Butcher of Kansas City

Robert A. Berdella was a serial killer who was implicated in the murder, rape and mutilation of 6 individuals whose bodies were never found.  He received two sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of granting a parole on 1988 and was found dead inside the prison in October 8, 1992.

During his college years, he was convicted for selling amphetamine but received a suspended sentence.  He was later arrested for the illegal possession of marijuana and LSD but police has to drop the charges due to lack of evidence.  In the year 1969, he bought a house at 4315 Charlotte which became the scene of most gruesome crimes that he committed.

He was arrested on the 4th of April 1988, when a victim that he has been sadistically torturing for a matter of week jumped out of his second storey house and managed to escape. By this time, Berdella has already murdered 6 individuals; he was being implicated with two other disappearances by the local authorities.  The police found Polaroid pictures of the people disappearing that look like they were being subjected into a horrendous torture.

During the interrogation, Berdella claims that he was helping some of his victims by giving them with antibiotics while torturing them.  He also said that he tried to gouge out his victim’s eye just to see what will happen.  He also buried the head of one of his victims in his backyard which was later recovered by the police.  The bodies were feared to be taken by the trash pickup and were brought to the landfill.

He later claimed that his reign of terror began way back when he was still a teenager.  He also said that the film “The Collector” was inspired during his teenager years.  He died in his prison due to a heart attack after he wrote to the minister that the prison officials were not providing him with a proper medication on his heart ailments.  His death was never investigated.


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