Wolf in Sarlat

The wolves of Perigord that happened in 1766 in France wherein one of them was discovered to be a hybrid of wolf for possessing two rows of teeth in its jaws arouse suspicion about the rising attack of werewolves during the 1760’s.  But interestingly, that is not the only hybrid wolf that was recorded to attack people on the year 1766 also in France, but this time in Sarlat.

The wolf was held responsible for the death of 17 people.  And unlike the Soissons and Perigord wolves, this wolf has a unique way of attacking people.  Grown men are the main target of this wolf and it will stand on its hind leg when it launches its attacks giving them an access to bite the face or the neck of the unfortunate victim.

Finally a wealthy middle class from Saint-Julien, Monsieur Dubex de Descamps decided to form a hunting group to pursue the rabid creature.  The hunting party is estimated to be at around one hundred men, a hundred men that sets out to hunt a single wolf.

The hunters managed to find the wolf, but it didn’t go down without a fight.  The wolf managed to wound two of them.  Monsieur Dubex was able to corner the wolf and shot it at a short distance while the wolf charges him.

The huntsmen noted that the wolf has a peculiar color compared to the other wolf.  It looks like a combination of a fox and a greyhound.  The withers measured at around 30 inches and 4 ft and 4 inches in length.


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