Gayal is an Indian vampire.  A person can become a gayal when he died without a successor or heir and also if a person never had the chance to get married.  Some says that a person who died and was not given proper burial rites can also turn into an undead.   The gayals are said to possess an ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) that allowed them to see the future and the past.  This creature also possess a smaller fangs compared to the other vampires that is why they appeared normal.  It is also believed that Gayals possessed an unrivaled beauty that they used to lure their victims.

Gayals usually attack the kids, seeking revenge and feeling envious that they never experienced having kids of their own.  He also attacks his relatives to force them from fulfilling all the rituals that is suited for the dead.  In some areas, the Gayal is given a sacrifice of milk mixed with the water that came from the Ganges River to calm the restless soul.  The Mothers also give their sons a coin as an amulet to repel the forces of Gayal.

There are some beliefs that the Gayals compared to the other types of vampires are the most spiritual ones.  They really enjoy having a company around and would, from time to time seek the companionship of a human.  They are also the first vampire to be documented in Indians literature.

The ability of the Gayal also grants him the power to summon the other forces of demon and also to communicate with the land of the dead.  He is able to place any spirit of the dead to his control causing them to reanimate.  But Gayals fell short on strength as they are often cited on stories to rely mostly on their wit and intelligence.

The threats of the Gayal led to the belief of the Indians that all of the dead should be given the proper burial rituals.


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