Rolang: Corpse Who Stands Out

Rolang or “corpse who stands out” can be created through a magical incantation and a very complex ritual ceremony of a Tibetan magic user known as ngagspa.  The only purpose of the ngagspa to create such terrible creature is to utilize its tongue since their tongue is known to possess magical elements.

In order to do this, the ngagspa has to acquire a corpse, and then he has to lock himself in a room together with the corpse in preparation of the ritual.  The ngagspa has to lie above the corpse while clearing all his mind of other thoughts except for the incantation that he repeatedly speak.  The ngagspa has to put his lips on top of the lips of the corpse and use his arms to pin down the arms of the corpse.

Eventually the corpse will start to become a rolang, a ngagspa has to maintain the contact of his lips.  The rolang will try to escape the ngagspa but he must do all he can to keep the rolang from escaping.  In the moment that the lips of the ngagspa loses contact with the corpse, the spell would be broken, and will lose control of the vampiric creature.  The vampire would go into a rampage all over the village and kill everyone that crosses its path by ripping their bodies.

The Rolang is known to be a very dangerous vampire creature.  It’s simple touch is proven to be fatal.  According to the legends, only a few lamas know about a ritual that can stop the rolang.  The spell would return the rolang from its original state as a corpse and will never rise again.

In the case that the ngagspa was able to prevent the corpse from escaping, the tongue of the rolang would make its way to the mouth of the ngagspa.  The ngagspa need to bite the tongue as hard as he can.  The rolang would collapse and the ngagspa would have the magical element of the tongue of the rolang.


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