John Brennan Crutchley “The Vampire Rapist”

John Brenna Crutchley was the suspect for kidnapping and raping at least 30 women.  He was also known the vampire rapist due to his unusual style of sexually assaulting his victims.  Apparently Crutchley will drain the blood of his victim to the point of almost dying while raping her.

John Brenan Crutchley came from a rich family, but he was always alone as a child.  He prefers to be alone inside their basement while tinkering some stuff.  His hobby for electronic stuff allowed him to building some complicated radio and stereo even before his high school graduation.

It was 1997 when his girlfriend, Deborra Fitzjohn, went missing.  John Brenan Crutchley was blamed by those people close to her since she was last seen alive near the residential house of Crutchley.   He was interrogated by the authority for several times, but they were unable to file a case against him due to the lack of evidence.  The incident was followed by random disappearance that was attributed to Crutchley.   It was believed that he has something to do with the mysterious disappearances that happened in Pennsylvania when he was still there.

In November of 1985, a nude and handcuffed teenager was found crawling on the road, a vehicle stopped by to help her.  The driver remembers her begging not to take her back to that home.  He asked the girl the location of that house and kept a note about it.  He then called for an ambulance and a police to help her.  At the hospital she was diagnosed of a massive loss of blood and has some marking on her neck area. According to the book Whoever Fights Monster: My 20 Years of hunting Serial Killers For the FBI:

“The hitchhiker awoke to find that she was tied to a kitchen countertop, arms and legs immobilized. A video camera had been set up, along with lights. The man raped her and videotaped the action. Then he inserted needles into her arm and wrist and carefully extracted blood and began to drink it, telling her that he was a vampire. After that, he handcuffed her and put her in the bathtub, returning later for another round of sexual assault and blood extraction. The next morning, after a third round, the man handcuffed the hitchhiker and left her in the bathroom, saying that he would be back later for further assaults, and that if she tried to escape in the interim, his brother would come and kill her. It was after the attacker had left the house that she was able to push out of the bathroom window and crawl to the road. Had she not escaped then, doctors believed, she might well have died from a further round of blood extraction.”

John Brenan Crutchley was arrested on Thanksgiving Day.  The content of the supposed video tape that documented the rape and the extraction of blood were deleted.  Authorities were convinced that this is not the first time that he committed a crime.  They knew for a fact that Crutchley is a serial killer involved in the mysterious disappearance of a number of women.

John Brenan Crutchley gave a guilty plea on rape and kidnapping charges.  He further claimed that the feeding on blood of his rape victims was taught by a nurse who told him that it is a part of a ritual for sex.  He was sentenced to 25 counts of lifetime imprisonment but was released on 1996 due to his good behavior inside the prison.  He was re-arrested after violation of his parole and being under the influence of marijuana.

On 2002, John Brenan Crutchley was found dead inside the prison with a plastic bag tucked in his head.  The reason for his death is asphyxiation. Prior to his re-arrest, it was believed that Crutchley know too much classified information about NASA and FBI.



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