John George Haigh “Acid Bath Murderer/Vampire Murderer”

Born on July 24, 1940 in England, John George Haigh grew up in a strict family.  But compared to the other serial killers, John George Haigh had a very normal life and was affectionate towards his parents during his childhood days.  He had a huge circle of friends and he also made friends easily.  He married at the age of 25 but filed a divorce after a short period of time and he showed no interest on sex after that incident.  Over the next 10 years, John George Haigh will be serving years of imprisonment due to dishonesty and fraud.

During the investigation of his crime it was revealed that during his childhood days Haigh had a weird fascination over blood.  Sometimes he would wound himself and suck the blood out of that wound.  He also enjoyed other forms of torture like crucifixion. 

In 1943, Haigh accidentally met William Mc Swann which happens to be his former employer.  Mc Swann introduced him to his parents.  On September 1944, Mc Swann suddenly disappeared.  Haigh told Mc Swann’s parents that their son fled to Scotland to escape the military enlistment.  But the truth was Haigh murdered Mc Swann.  After sometime, Mc Swann’s parents are getting worried since they did not hear a word from their son.  Haigh then decided to kill them.  He sold their properties, encash their cheques and moved to other place.  Haigh committed a series of murder after that, usually by hitting them in their head or shooting them with a revolver, and after that dissolving their body in an acid bath.

Haigh last victim was Olive-Durand Deacon, 69 years of age. Like his past victims, Ms. Deacon was wealthy. Upon hearing that Haigh was an engineer, she presented Haigh with her past idea about an artificial fingernail.  Haigh killed her by shooting her in the neck.  The police found numerous evidences on the death of Deacon that pointed to the killer. 

Haigh was arrested and placed into a trial.  During the court trial, Haigh relayed some disturbing dreams.  His Exact words were:
 “Before each of my killings, I had a series of dreams, I sawa forest of crucifixes that changed into green trees drippingwith blood . . . which I drank, and once more”

Haigh was hanged on 1940 in London.


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