The Werewolf of Meremoisa

1623, In Estonia a series of trial was conducted for 13 women and 18 men on the allegation that they were a werewolf.  One of the most popular cases of lycanthropy would be Ann Kongla. Ann Kongla is not only charged of having an ability to shape shift in a form of a wolf, she was also accused of being a witch.  Ann Kongla was sentenced to death during the Viru-Nigulas Pada Manor trial.  Her body was buried at the back garden since witches are not allowed to be buried on the churchyard.

The accusation of him being a witch erupted from the death of the child she visited.  The landlord who was the father of the child claimed that Ann Kongla visited his child that night and in the morning they found her dead.

On May 2, 1640 Ann Kongla was placed under interrogation where she admitted that she is a werewolf.  She said that she was a werewolf for four years.  She also admitted that she was able to kill a horse and also some smaller animals.  When she was asked about her wolf skin, she said that she hid the wolf skin under one stone that can be found on the field.


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