Priscilla Garduno Wolf

Pricilla Garduno Wolf is an Apache Medicine of New Mexico who has an experience with a Skin walker.  She recalled that it was a beautiful day at that time and she was ready for the prom.   Her friend picked her up for a ride but when the prom was over her friend ask her if she could hitch a ride with the others since she is going on Alamosa with her boyfriend.  But no one was willing to give her a ride.

She had no choice but to walk home wearing a formal dress while holding her heels.  She was particularly scared to pass through the area where the supposed wolf-boy has been laid to rest.  There was a huge tree near the area that the locals named Skin Walker tree because of the sighting of the skin walker on that particular place.  She thought for a second that it might be nice to go to the house of her grandmother instead, but she was afraid that the wolf-boy might appear any time and jump on her so she decided to continue walking towards her mother’s home. 

When she was crossing the old bridge, she heard a bizarre noise that seems to be coming under it.  She was surprised to see that it’s a calf walking on her direction.  She started running but the calf followed her.  Fortunately she was able to reach their home before the creature could’ve caught her.  The creature doesn’t sound anything like a calf, in fact it doesn’t sound like an animal.

But the attack doesn’t stop there; she felt the presence of the creature while she’s on her bed.  She felt the hand of the skin walker touching her face.  She asked her mom to open the lights but it seems that her mom is having a hard time getting up, it’s like she’s in some kind of a trance.  She felt the hand of the creature on her throat suffocating her.  When her mom managed to open the lights, they saw the scratches and marks on her neck.  Her Mom said that it was the claw if the Devil.

The next day they were surprised that the markings disappeared.


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