Estrie is one of the scariest types of vampire.  It is known to attack any human just to satiate their thirst for blood.  Estrie can be found on the old legends of Hebrew.  The name was believed to be originated from the French term strix which means night owl.   They said that the estrie is similar to succubi, both of them takes the identity of a woman who have an outstanding beauty that they use to seduce young men.  But as we said, the estrie’s victim is not limited to men alone; they also kill children and pregnant women.  Estrie can change it form and able to turn into a birds or other animals.

A Jewish book has an account regarding this creature

"1465 There are women that are called estrie... They were created at sunset [before the first Sabbath before creation]. As a result of this, they are able to change form. There was one woman who was a estrie and she was very sick and there were two women with her at night; one was sleeping and one was awake. And the sick woman stood up and loosened her hair and she was about to fly and suck the blood of the sleeping woman. And the woman who was awake screamed and woke her friend and they grabbed the sick estrie, and after this she slept. And moreover, if she had been able to grab the other woman, then she, the estrie, would have lived. Since she was not able to hurt the other woman, the estrie died, because she needs to drink the blood of living flesh. The same is true of the werewolf. And since....the estrie need to loosen their hair before they fly, one must adjure her to come with her hair bound so that she cannot go anywhere without permission. And if a estrie is injured or seen by someone, she cannot live unless she eats of the bread and salt of the one who struck her. Then her soul will return to the way it was before. 1466 There was a woman who was suspected of being a estrie, and she was injured when she appeared to a Jew as a cat and he hit her. The next day she asked him to give her some of his bread and salt, and he wanted to give it to her. An old man said to him (Ecc. 7:16) “Be not overly righteous.” When others have sinned one must not show kindness, for if she lives, she will harm people. Thus the Holy One, blessed be He created her for you [as a test].

An estrie is not afraid of religious artifact.  It can enter holy places and act like praying and even ask for the healing of a priest, thus the priest would commit a sin without even knowing it.  It was believed that giving the Estrie a blessing is highly prohibited and considered an act of the evil.  Injuries of this creature can be quickly healed upon drinking blood.

To kill this creature one must decapitate its head and fill its mouth with soil.


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