Snarly Yow

The Snarly Yow is similar to the Black Shuck.  It is a phantom dog or a black hell hound that is said to haunt the South Mountain region of Maryland.  Those who have claimed to saw the creature mostly described it as a black dog but there was one instance when a witness claimed that it is a white and a headless dog which is dragging a chain.

Based on the stories, the Snarly Yow lived in the canyon and always follows the same trail.  It has a habit of chasing the vehicles and frightening people while hiding in the bushes right before they pass.  The creature is also said to block roads that prevent people from passing and sometime faking that they were run over by the car.  Motorist who experienced the fake accident get out of the car to check the dog but didn’t found anything.

But unlike the Black Shuck, there were no known incident that the Snarly Yow inflicted harm on a human being.  There is also no story about the Snarly Yow being a source of bad fortune or an omen.  You can found a sign at the base of the South Mountain that states about the Snarly Yow, the sign says something like this:

"Beware of the “Snarly Yow.” Legend has it that the shadow of a black dog used to prowl the heights of South Mountain. One night, a huntsman, famous as a sure shot, encountered the beast. He aimed and fired his rifle. The shot went right through the animal with no effect. He fired again and again, each shot passing through the shadowy beast. Finally overcome with dread, the huntsman fled."

The creature is said to have the ability to magically appear and disappear.  It can also change its color at will.  They are also known to be immune at bullets.


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