Lobizon is a were-dog of the South American region that walks upright which makes it closely related to the werewolf.  It is particularly popular in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay.  Based on an eyewitness, who claimed that he was visited by a Luison, the creature seems to exhibit a slimmer figure that can easily be mistaken for a tall monkey.  It has sharp claws and its ears are large and hanging like a dog. It has shorter legs that are similar to a child’s leg and a tail.  It also has a creepy stare.

Luison are known to attack humans and dogs.  There are also accounts that said they have been attack by Luison inside their house.  According to one reported attack in Argentina where a house was allegedly infiltrated by the Luison, the residents of the house managed to outmatch the Luison by clubbing it repeatedly and beating it to the period that it appears to be dead.  The people decided to drag the body outside, but as soon as they went out, the Luison quickly ran away as though it was never hurt.

There is a popular legend on Argentina about what makes a Luison.  People believed that the seventh son will definitely be a luison at the right time.  They said that people who takes the form of this creature will transform on a full Moon particularly during Friday night, the Luison will then return to its human form at the breaking of dawn.

The Argentina possesses a very strong belief on this creature.  So strong that even one of the most famous Argentinean President ordered to its citizens that all seventh sons must be baptized.  Some sightings of Luison are also associated with UFO attacks like the chupacabras which incidentally is also popular in the South American culture.

Luison has a different role on some European countries.  This creature serves as a Grim Reaper.  It is believed that whoever was touched by this creature will surely die.  And just like the curse of the wolf, the person that was bitten by the Luison will change into a werewolf.


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