Stanoika is a wife of a haiduk who died when she was 20 years old.  As we all know a haiduk is a kind of a soldier or a freedom fighter.  Stanoika is also blamed for a number of death that happened in Serbia, just like Arnold Paole,  Stana, Miliza and others that are documented on the Visum et repetum by Johann Fluckinger.

Stanoika died a mysterious death after being sick for only 3 days.  Her body was exhumed 18 days after her death and just as expected, the body remained fresh after a short period of time.  Her body was discovered having a vivid color as if she was still alive.  And the fact that she reported that she was being tormented by the phantom of Miloe (another suspected vampire and a haiduk) every night, they immediately assumed that she could be infected with the vampiric manifestation.

They also noticed at the right side of her ear that there was a marking that looks like a blood shot that is about the size of a finger.  While the people are taking the remains of Stanoika out of a grave, a massive amount of blood gushed out of her nose that startled those who are present during the exhumation.  And just like Miliza a fresh spat of blood was also noticed on her chest.

The head of Stanoika was decapitated and burned together with her body and her ashes was dispersed on a river nearby, believing that it will put an end to the random death.  No further cases of death were associated with the vampires after that day, or at least no documents were found to associate the succeeding deaths on a vampire incident.


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