Susanna Martin

The following excerpt is taken from “The Trial of Susanna Martin, at the Court of Oyer and Terminer, Held by Adjournment at Salem, June 29, 1692.”

‘VI. Robert Downer testifyed, That this Prisoner being some years ago prosecuted at Court for a Witch, he then said unto her, He believed she was a Witch. Whereat she being dissatisfied, said, That some Shee-Devil would Shortly fetch him away! Which words were heard by others, as well as himself. The Night following, as he lay in his Bed, there came in at the Window the likeness of a Cat, which Flew upon him, took fast hold of his Throat, lay on him a considerable while, and almost killed him. At length he remembred what Susanna Martin had threatned the Day before; and with much striving he cryed out, "Avoid, thou Shee-Devil! In the Name of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Avoid! " Whereupon it left him, leap'd on the Floor, and Flew out at the Window. . . .” 
Susanna Martin is part of the Salem Witch Trial; she was sentenced to die on July 19, 1692.  Besides of craft she was also believed of having the ability to shape shift into a cat, thus earning the moniker “the Werecat of Salem”.  She was first accused of being a witch in 1669.  Her husband filed a complaint of slander against those who were accusing her.  The higher court dismissed the claim that Susannah is a witch.

After the death of his husband, George Martin, Susannah was again accused of witchcraft.  The villagers confessed that Susanna is recruiting people from the villagers to join her circles.  During the preliminary trial, Susanna claimed that she is not guilty of witchcraft.  She was not allowed to have a counsel together with the other accused.
An excerpt during the witch trial of Susanna Martin:
 "As soon as she came in, Marcy had fits" Magistrate: Do you know this woman? Abigail Williams saith it is goody Martin, she hath hurt me often. Others by fits were hindered from speaking. Marcy Lewis pointed at her and fell into a little fit. Ann Putnam threw her glove in a fit at her.
................ Susanna laughed ................
Magistrate: What! Do you laugh at it? Martin: Well I may at such folly. Mag: Is this folly? The hurt of persons? Martin: I never hurt man or woman or child. Marcy: She hath hurt me a great many times and pulls me down.Then Martin laughed again.

Susanna also went a various examination just to prove that he is indeed practicing witchcraft.  Though people close to her knew that she cannot even hurt a fly, she was found guilty and was hanged.  On Nov. 1, 2001 the State of Massachusetts announced that Martin together with the other four witches who were tried during the infamous Salem Witch Trial is innocent.


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