Carroll Edward Cole

Carole Cole was a serial murderer, also a cannibal who was executed by lethal injection in December 6, 1985.

Cole was born in Sioux City in Iowa.  When he was a kid, his father has to fulfill his duty during the World War 2. While his father is away his Mom would take him and would force to watch as she entertained different man.  Cole would be beaten by his mother and threatened not to tell anything to his father.

When his father came back from the war, nothing has changed and he would be often whipped by his mother.  He was also bullied in school for having a girl’s name that is why he would always use his second name “Eddie”.  He grew up hating girls because of this.

He drowned a 10 year old boy when he was just 10 years of age.  The death was deemed to be an accident until Cole confessed to the murder after so many years.  After he dropped out of school Cole would be constantly visiting prison due to petty crimes such as burglary, vagrancy, etc.

He tried to commit suicide on one occasion and admitted himself in a mental institution.  During his stay he confessed that he often fantasized about killing women.  He was later released after he was diagnosed with a personality disorder rather some psychopathic behavior.  Personality disorders are not curable at that time by the psychiatrist.

After his release, he would pick up women in trade for sex.  He would fantasize about killing them.  Though most of these women were unharmed the next day, there is one time that he killed a woman because it reminds him so much of his mother.

His first recorded crime of murder as an adult was Essie Buck whom he picked up in May of 1971.  He strangled Buck while she is inside the car.  He drove around with the dead body, eventually he decided to dump the body.  Two weeks later he killed an unidentified woman.

He got married on July of 1973 to someone who is also suffering from alcoholic problems.  They would often result into arguments.  Cole would leave after the arguments for days; during the time he was away, Cole is said to commit murders including that of a woman that he cannibalized.

In September of 1979, he killed Pashal by strangling her to death.  A suspicious neighbor reported it to the police.  But even though the body of Pashal was found wrapped in a blanket and hidden in a closet, the authorities declared that her alcohol intoxication caused her death.  Cole was then released.

He was remarried on 1980.  During this time he committed more murders.  The police brought him for an interrogation for the death of his last victim.  During the course, Cole confessed to 14 other murders, though he claims that he cannot be sure about the exact number since most of the time he is drunk.

He was sentenced to death and was executed in Nevada.


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