Jeremy Steinke

Jeremy Steinke is inflicted in the massacre of the Richardson family.  He, together with his girlfriend who was the 12 year old daughter of The Richardson devised a plan to murder the family because they were against the relationship of the two.

The friends of Steinke said that he claimed that he is a 300 year old werewolf.  He supposedly told a close friend that he took pleasure in the sight of blood, in addition he also wears a vial of blood on his neck.  Both Steinke and his girlfriend have their accounts on a vampire website.

Prior to the masssacre of the Richardson family, the perpetrators allegedly watched the movie, Natural Born Killers.  The story is about a young couple who committed violent crimes. During the inquest, the police asked him about the movie and he thought that it was the best love story of all time.

On April 23,  2006, the bodies of the Richardson couple was found dead under the basement and their  8 year old son was found dead upstairs.  The 12 year old daughter was missing on that day, people were fearing that she was also a victim, little did they know that she, together with her boyfriend Jeremy Steinke is the one behind the crime.

Steinke was sentenced to a three counts of life imprisonment, one for each of the first degree murder that he committed on December 15, 2008.  


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