The Dog that Haunts Leeds Castle

Throughout the century, the world has been haunted by different malevolent spirit.  One of them would be the Black Shuck that reportedly haunt the area of East Anglia during the 16th century similar to Black Shuck are the Snarly Yow and the Irrinja which is also called the devil’s hound.

But around the year 1440, a similar lack dog haunts the Leeds Castle.  It is said to be a spectral of black dog that even haunts the surrounding place.  It has a curly hair and looks like a black retriever.

The Black Dog first made its appearance after the aunt of Henry VI,  Eleanor Cobham was proven guilty of practicing witchcraft and was imprisoned at the said castle on the year 1440.  Black dogs like the black shuck and irrinja are said to be a harbinger of death.  But in the case of the Black dog that haunts the Leed Castle, it is said to be a saver of life.  In one point, a woman who came from the Wykeham-Martin family was sitting outside her window when he sighted the creature.  The black dog allegedly walked right through the wall.  The woman immediately left hoping that she could get a better visibility of the creature.  But as soon as she left, the wall collapsed.  Had she not jumped off to see the creature, there is a high probability that she would die due to the collapsing of the wall.

The Black Dog is said to be a spirit that can pass through walls and disappeared right before your very eyes.  But it is still believe that the black creature bring bad omen to anyone who sighted it.

There is no known defense against the creature. The only thing one can do is to keep cautious in everything he does as it is believed to be a harbinger of death.


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