The case of Stefan Ramin

Arihano Haiti, 33 years old, a tourist guide was implicated in the murder of a German adventurer named Stefan Ramin.  He was sentenced for 28 years imprisonment for the murder and for cannibalizing the victim.  He was also legally charged for sexually assaulting Ramin’s girlfriend.

Mr. Ramin hired Haiti as a tourist guide to take him into an island for goat hunting purposes.  But sadly, Ramin never returned that day.  Haiti then went back to his girlfriend to tell that Ramin had an accident and urgently needs help.   She was suspicious and decided not to go, Haiti then decided to tie her up into a tree and sexually assault her.
After she escaped, she went to the police to seek help.  The investigators found jaw bones. Melted metal and teeth, believed to be the remains of the victim.  When Haiti was arrested and placed into trial, he said that he only resulted to shooting him because he tried to sexually assault him.  He then decided to sexually assault his girlfriend as a form of revenge.

But the authorities said that there is no evidence that can tell that the victim has a history of homosexual tendencies.  The prosecutor claimed that the suspect’s alibi is only a pure work of fiction. Haiti is known to have contact with transvestite and the possibility of him raping Ramin is a lot possible compared to his alibi.

The authorities also performed analysis on Haiti and there were no indication that he was sexually assaulted by the victim.  They said that something went wrong while they are on a trip that resulted to Haiti killing and eating Ramin.


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