The Werewolf Tribe

A.C. Ayres, a farmer from Kentucky, was tending his farm when he stumbled upon this metal glint.  He examined it closely and found out that it is an old copper bracelet.  The finds of A.C. Ayres in not that uncommon, considering that place was once a home of the Native American.  But something about the wristband feels unusual.

A.C. Ayres was right on his gut feel.  The bracelet led him to discover one of the eeriest archaeological piece found in North America.  That piece is an evidence of a wolf-worshipping tribe in Indian cult.  That tribe had said to perform strange rituals and rites attributed to the wolf.

Ayres decided to call for the help of a known archaeologist who have a great interest on artifacts.  The archaeologist once came to their land since he knows that artifacts like the one Ayres found can be usually found within the area.  The team of archaeologist was so eager to see the piece of wristband that Ayres discovered.  It turns out, he stumbled upon a grave site that was built 1500 years ago by a group of people they called the Adena Culture.

The group thought that it might be a perfect day to find some pieces of history in the area and started excavating.  After a few hours they discovered the remains of a huge man who died during the prime of his life.   They noticed that the skull area has been badly damage or crushed by a heavy object.  While the archaeologist was trying to piece up the skeletal remains, he discovered something bizarre, that there were skeletal remains that did not come from a human.  The skull resembles the skull of a wolf.

They also discovered that the four front teeth of the skull were missing; the remaining set of teeth was in perfect condition.  There were also signs that the four pieces of teeth has been taken out deliberately.

There were beliefs that the man was sacrificed in a certain ritual offered to a God, and in this case a wolf-God.


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