Nancy Young (Foster, Rhode Island)

Circa 1827 was the year when the next vampire case in Rhode Island happened. Nancy Young is also a victim of the consumption, since back then a little is known about this disease, it is expected for the people to find explanation on the unexplainable deaths.  And how convenient it is to blame it on a vampire?

Nancy Young was the oldest daughter of Capt. Levi Young and wife Anna and also the second to the oldest out of eight children.  Captain Levi young was serving the military, and after his retirement he decided to move to a farm in Connecticut.  When Nancy reached her right age, she took up the bookkeeping position of the farm.

At the age of 19, Nancy suddenly became ill.  The family first thought that it was just a cold, until they found out that it was consumption.  She remained lying in her bed for a month before she finally succumbs to tuberculosis.

The Young family started to became ill one by one, beginning with Almira and her other siblings.  Their disease possesses the same symptoms as the disease of Nancy.  Captain Young thought that it was a manifestation of the undead.  He exhumed the body of his eldest daughter, Nancy and burned it.  He asked the member of the family to stand beside the fire and inhale the smoke believing that it will cure them from their disease and would also prevent the other members of the family from getting sick.

But unfortunately Almira died at the age of 17 on the 19th of August 1828.  Out of his 8 children only 3 of them survived.  The other died due to consumption.   The case of Nancy young is similar to the Mercy Brown Vampire Incident where the consumption is associated with vampirism.


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