Irrinja is a devil dog similar in some ways with the Black Shuck.  But compared to the black shuck which is originally a devil hound, an Irrinja is a man who went into a transformation.  The transformation of an Irrinja is a unique one compared to the other types of werewolves who would just need a special ointment, a wolf skin of a wolf strap.  The irrinja when he was still in a human form need to wait for a sandstorm.  During the sandstorm he would lie down on the ground and let the sand cover his body.  He would let the storm pass; a sound of a bird would signal that the storm is indeed over.  The Irrinja would emerge on the sand in a form of a devil dog that is hungry for the taste of human flesh.

The legend also says that this type of creature is not dependent to the moon that makes them one of a kind.  However, based on the legends, the reason on why the man lay down on the ground is not clearly stated.  The tale of Irrinja haunted Australia on the old times and will continue to haunt them to this day and the future ahead.


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