Daniel Rakowitz

An American cannibal and murderer, Daniel Rakowitz was born at the year 1960 in the state of Texas.  At around 1985, Rakowitz moved to New York.

In 1989, Rakowitz was walking on Manhattan’s East village boasting that he was able to kill his roommate.  Monica Beerle, a student and a Swiss dancer met her unfortunate end in the hands of Daniel Rakowitz.  In addition he told the people that he boiled the head of Monica and made a soup out of her brain.  He tasted it and liked it; he therefore claimed that he is a legitimate cannibal.  Some of them remembered the time that he brought a soup to the Park and gave it to the homeless.

The police received a tip from an alleged homicide case.  They arrested Daniel Rakowitz but during the interrogation, the police were bombarded with different satanic confession and sacrifice.

On February 22, 1991, the court found him not guilty due to the reason of insanity.  The court then recommends that Daniel Rakowitz should be sent into a mental institution.
In an interview, Daniel Rakowitz said “"I'm the new Lord, and I will take leadership of the satanic cultists to make sure they do everything that has to be done to destroy all those people who do disagree with my church. And I'm going to be the youngest person elected to the U.S. presidency.”

Is Daniel Rakowitz really an insane person?  Or did he really establish a pact with the devil that prompted him to commit an act of murder and cannibalism?


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