The Whitehall Victim

In 1888, White Chapel in London has been the site of the most gruesome crimes in the history of mankind.  The series of killings were blamed to the infamous Jack the Ripper.  But on the same year, another murder was committed that was earlier attributed to the Jack the Ripper but was later found out that there was no connection established to the murder and Jack the Ripper.

Near the Whitehall in a place called Victoria Embankment, there was an ongoing construction on a Police HQ building which is now known as New Scotland Yard.  On the 2nd of October, 1888, a worker went inside the newly constructed basement and found that there is a large parcel.  He decided to open the parcel and discovered a torso belonging to an unidentified female that is starting to enter a phase of decomposition.

Prior to the discovered decomposing torso, a right arm which belong to the unidentified woman was also found in the River Thames.  After two weeks of the discovery of the torso, a dog accidentally found a left leg of the victim at an area near the construction site.  The uterus of the woman was deliberately removed from her torso.  The head as well as the remaining parts of the body was never found.  The cause of her death cannot be identified.

The victim was never identified as well as the culprit.  The reason why her uterus was removed is still a great mystery.  The investigation of the authority on the crime failed to reveal any suspect.


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