The Gentleman Vampire

Neville Heath, 29 years old dubbed as the England’s Gentleman Vampire would often pose as an army officer as a way to lure women into hotels. On the 20th of June 1946 a taxi driver was able to saw Heath with Margery Gardner.  Gardner who was 33 years old was found dead the following day.   It seems that she has been subjected to sadistic torture which includes using a whip that has metal on its ends.  Her nipples were also bitten off by the suspect.  While most of his body was covered in blood, her face except her nostrils was clean.

Fortunately, they were able to find the name on the list of the hotel registry for that specific room.  The police went to ask him a few questions but unfortunately Heath already flew.  He went into another hotel and assumes a different identity.  Also during those times, he met Doreen Marshal who agreed to escort him one evening.  She was never seen alive again.  Her body was found 5 days later with knife wounds and was sexually assaulted.

Heath went to the station in order to offer his help.  He also told them that his name is not Neville Heath.  But the police decided to apprehend him and conduct further investigation.  The police were able to retrieve a whip that seems to be the weapon used in the murder of the 1st victim; they also found a scarf covered with blood that matches her blood type.  Another scarf is found in the drawer that matches the blood type of Doreen Marshal.  The police also uncovered that he was involved into some sadistic incident that involves a woman.  But it was also said that he was gentleman with his fiancĂ©.

Though the instance wherein he allegedly licked the blood off Margery Gardner’s face was never proven.  He was stated to be suffering from Renfield Syndrome due to the fact that she was treasuring the bloody scarf plus his method of brutal killings.

Heath was found sane and criminally liable for the death and was given a death sentence.


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