The Phantom Whistler of Louisiana

In 1950, local newspapers picked up a story about a Phantom whistler in Louisiana that is tormenting the 18-year-old young woman named Jacqueline Cadow.  It was February of that year when Jacqueline started hearing wolf whistles just outside of her bedroom at night.  The home that she also shared with her Mother has reportedly been broken by an unknown intruder.  They immediately reported the incident to the authority but the investigation did not develop.  She said that she can hear the same whistle until the day that she got engaged.

Around her date of engagement, she started to receive telephone calls threatening her that he would kill her if she pushed for her marriage.  From time to time, her sleep will be disrupted by a disturbing moan or that eerie whistle.  Hundreds of curious people went to the scene hoping that they would catch a glimpse of the phantom but to their dismay they found nothing.

The reporters who launched a search found nothing.  US investigators who conducted an investigation about the phantom whistler were unable to shed a light to the incident.   The whistle would follow her wherever they would go.  In one time, her mom received an anonymous call telling her that he knew that Jacqueline is at Herbert’s house.

On October 1, despite of the threat that she was receiving, Jacqueline decided to push for the marriage.  The wedding was attended by hundreds of spectator hoping to catch a glimpse of the event and of course if the phantom would keep his promise.  The case of the Phantom whistler remains unsolved.


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