Raymundo Fonte

The case of Raymundo Fonte devouring the intestines and other parts of his co worker happened during the 1900.  He was brought in front of the US Military court where he confessed to the gruesome murder. 

The accounts of the murder were published on December 11, 1901 on The Deseret News.  According to the article Raymundo Fonte discovered his co worker, Liberato Benliro sleeping in his boat.  He was enraged to see him and killed the sleeping man by bludgeoning him to death using an oar.

Raymundo Fonte then cut his ears and nose and according to his confession cooked and ate the part of his companion’s body.  The body of Liberato was later found floating in the stream with missing eyes, ears, nose and intestines.

The court sentenced him to death by hanging on Capiz Panay on the 13th of December 1901.  An Interesting fact, the Capiz is believed up to this day that it is a place that is infested with aswang (a local’s equivalent to vampire).  An “Aswang Festival” is held yearly in the province where everyone is dressed up in a horrifying creature that can only be found on the local myth.


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