Peter Bryan

Peter Bryan, a schizophrenic who was convicted of murder and cannibalism was set free from a hostel by a mental facility that resulted in the murder of two people.  It was not clear why the medical staff agreed to transfer him to a hostel where he is on his free will. 
Three hours after he was set free from the mental facility, he murdered Brian Cherry, who is an old friend and cooked his brain.  He was then sent to a secured hospital and after less than 10 days, he killed a co-patient named Richard Loudwell.

It was later discovered that Bryan was left in the care of an intern with no sufficient amount of training.  Peter Bryan was known as a manipulative murderer; the intern was not informed that he is taking care of a dangerous killer.  Furthermore he was not informed that he was dealing with a serial killer. 

But the hostel was not free from the interrogation of the authority, as they discovered an allegation of a 17 year old girl for a sexual assault.  Had they contacted the authorities and report the incident, the deaths of the other could’ve been avoided.

In February 2004, Bryan went to a DIY store where he purchased a claw hammer, a knife and a screwdriver.  He then visited Brian Cherry and killed him.  The authorities discovered a half naked Peter Bryan covered with dried blood while Cherry’s one leg and both of his rams had been dismembered by Peter Bryan.  They also found a piece of meat on the frying pan.  Peter Bryan later announced that he feed on the brain of Cherry with some butter on it; he said he loved the taste of it.

After the murder of Cherry, he was sent to a hospital where he murdered Loudwell.  The hospital apologized for the death of Loudwell and accepted their shortcoming.  The number of patient on the hospital decreased drastically after the death of Loudwell.  In efforts to increase their security, the hospital increase their attending nurses in hopes that it would again bring back the trust of the patients.

Peter Bryan was then given a life sentence and ordered never to release from Broadmoor.


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