Laurie Tackett

Born in Indiana on the 5th of October, 1974, Laurie Tackett is one of the people involved in the murder of Shanda Renee Sharer. The incident that caught the interest of the media due to the 12 year old girl that was tortured and burned.   Tackett would often tell her friends that he was possessed by a vampire named Deanna. Tackett’s father is a factory worker who was convicted twice due to felony.  Tackett said that she was molested twice when she was just a child.

On May of 1989, her mother discovered that she would change her attire into pants in school.  Her mother was so furious that the confrontation led to an attempted strangulation.  Social worker stepped in as soon as they got aware of the situation.  They would constantly visit the house of the Tackett to prevent any abusive event.  The incident prompted a rift between Laurie and her mother.  One time, she visited a friend house and found out that the girls are using a Ouija board, a tool use for communicating to the dead.  Her mother demand that the board should be burned and that the house should be exorcised.

At the age of 15, Laurie started to take interest in occultism; this is also the time that she said she was being possessed by the vampire.  In 1991, Laurie began dating a girl who is also involved in the occult.  She would inflict harm to herself and her parents would discover the wounds that would led to her hospitalization on March of 1991.  She was given a medication that could help her feel calm.  But after two days she cut herself in the wrist and she was sent back to the hospital.

Laurie together with her friends took Sharer into the Witch’s Castle and bound her.  But the girls are worried that people might discover them due to the noise of Sharer.  Tackett led them to a dumpsite where they tortured her and burned her alive.


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