William Suff

William Suff dubbed as the “Riverside Prostitute Killer” is held responsible for the death of more than 20 individuals.  He also cooked the breast of one of his victims during one time.   He liked to impersonate policemen, do community works, drive cars and write books.  He was known to be very helpful to his neighbors.  But he already has a history of violence when he beat his 2 month old daughter to death.

He usually dumped the bodies of his victims in a grove in Riverside.  Police believes that he may have been responsible for 22 killing in the area.  Evidence was found inside his own car that led to his conviction and eventually a death sentence on 1995.

The prosecutors also pointed out the possibility of him cooking the breast of one of his victims when he joined the chili contest.  His recipe seems to be the favorite of the judges that made him the prize winner.  The allegation was never proven due to lack of evidence.

His method for killing includes, stabbing, strangling, raping and mutilating the bodies.  William Suff is known to be a loner, who loves cooking chili for his office mates.  He is also working on a book that is about the lethal and wild dogs.

William Suff was sentenced to death on the 17th of August, 1995.  And though Suff has showed no history of violence while he is in the Death Row and the authorities are finding it hard to execute the penalty, the public still wants to witness him die.


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