Hammersmith Ghost

In the end of 1803, there has been number of reports about people that were attacked by a phantom in Hammersmith.  They believed that the phantom is a spirit of a man who took suicide. On the 3rd of January, 1804 one of the members of the patrol shot Thomas Milwood who mistaken him for being the Hammersmith Ghost due to the clothes that he is wearing.

There were reports that the ghost has been constantly sighted in a cemetery.  The news started to spread as one woman told about her encounter on the said phantom.  She was on her way home when she decided to take the short cut and pass through the said cemetery where the phantom was constantly sighted.  Then she described seeing a creature rising from the tombstone. It is tall and very white, she tried to run away but the creature stopped her and pressed her apparently in her arm.  She lost her consciousness and remained on that state until someone discovered her.  She was then accompanied to her home and went to her bed but unfortunately she never rose from that bed.

The story of the woman caused a panic and farmer would start patrolling near the place hoping that they would catch the phantom.  Francis Smith, a local officer started investigating the incident.  He went to the place armed with a firearm where he shot Milwood.


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