Biloko is a vampire creature in the lore of Democratic Republic of Congo.  It is described as a humanoid with no hair but grasses are growing on its body.  It also uses leaves as its clothing.  Their name biloko is equivalent to “food” in the English language.

They also have long and sharp nails, their eyes are said to be piercing and they have a nose similar to a snout.  The biloko has a peculiar way of hunting its prey.  Since the biloko is known to be a small, dwarflike creature, it always hides until it is sure that his prey no longer poses a threat on his existence.

The biloko own a bell that when they magically ring will put their victim into a daze.  Once they are sure that the victim is already on a deep slumber state, the biloko would open its mouth wide, enough to fit the whole body of their victim.

With the ability of their bells, they were also said to be the guardians of treasures.  It dwells on the deepest parts of the forest away from the grasp of mankind.  Amulets and charms can be made in order to protect them from the enchanting sound of the bell.

A biloko (eloko) tale

“One day a hunter took his wife, at her insistence, into the forest, where he had a hut with a palisade around it. When he went out to inspect his traps, he told her: "When you hear a bell, do not move. If you do, you will die!" Soon after he had left, she heard the charming sound of a little bell coming closer, for the Eloko has a good nose for feminine flesh. Finally, a gentle voice asked to be let in to his room. It was like the voice of a child. The woman opened the door and there was an Eloko, smelling like the forest, looking small and innocent. She offered him banana mash with fried fish but he refused: "We eat only human meat. I have not eaten for a long time. Give me a piece of your arm." At last the woman consented, totally under the spell of the Eloko. That night, the husband found her bones”


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