The Vampire of Gałkówek

Born on March 15, 1929, Stanislaw Modzelewski was a serial killer from Poland that unleashed his terror during the 1950’s.  He is also known as the “Vampire of Galkowek”.

Stanislaw Modzelewski who worked as a driver, murdered a total of seven women and attempted to kill 6 other women.  He was also believed to be responsible for killing his 8th victim though it was never included in the case since the body of the victim was never found.  Modzelewski supposedly confessed on killing the 8th victim.  He was sentenced to die by hanging on November of 1969 in Warsaw, Poland.

Modzelewski’s victim ranged from ages 18-87 years old.  He would strangle them with their scarf or in some cases; he would use his bare hands.  He would then discard the possession of the victims even the things that are valuable.  It also appears that the victims have been sexually assaulted, though it wasn’t confirmed if it was before or after he murdered his victims.

List of Victims (based on

Józefa Pietrzykowska (67) a forest in Zielona Góra near Gałkówek, strangled with bare hands, July 1952Maria Kunka (32) a forest near Tuszyn, strangled with a scarf, December 1952Teresa Piekarska (21) a field by the forest in Nowy Józefów, strangled with a scarf, March 1953Irena Bernadetta Dunajska (24) a field near the road in Gałkówek, strangled with a scarf, 1/2 January 1955Helena Walos (18) the vicinity of a country road near the forest in Gałkówek, strangled with a scarf, March 1956Helena Klata (22) the vicinity of a road near the rail track between Andrzejów and Gałkówek, strangled with a scarf or bandana (a fragment of material was left on the victim's neck), August 1956Maria Gałecka (87) a flat on Sienna Street in Warsaw, strangled or drowned (the corpse stuck out of the bathtub, the buttocks were exposed and cut with a sharp tool), 14 September 1967


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