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Monday, August 15, 2016


One of the goriest types of vampire can be found in the Philippines.  They are called manananggal which means to detach.  Manananggal true to its name detached its upper torso from its lower body, leaving her lower part on a place that is hard to find.  When the manananggal transform into a vampire, he would acquire a huge bat like wings and fly. They say that you would notice her intestines showing while she fly and search for her victims.  She also has a long tongue that she uses to suck blood.  She would search for a pregnant woman and fly on top of their roof.  She would use her sharp claws to drill a hole enough to fit her tongue.  They said that she was able to suck the baby out of the mother by sticking their tongue into the navel of the pregnant woman.

Mananangal’s human form is usually someone respectable, those who are least suspected of being a vampire creature.  Some of them went into the secluded place cloaked as a doctor and extend their help to the village.  True to their word, they would help these people during the day, but at night time they would feed on them

The curse of the manananggal just like the aswang can be transferred to a family member.  They said that a dying vampire has to transfer a dark stone to a family member in order to preserve their clan.

The manananggal change its form during night time with the help of special ointment.  She will rub it on her body while chanting a ritual.  There are number of ways that you can kill a mananaggal but you have to focus on destroying its lower part.  If one man managed to inflict a damaged on her upper part, she would just return to her lower part and heal.  One has to search for her lower half which she usually hide in the same place and pour salt into it.  The salt has a substance that can melt the lower half of the manananggal.  Unable to return to her lower half, the sun would eventually burn her skin and kill her.

This creature appeared on one issue of the famous marvel anime series, Blade.  Blade and his partner have to fight a mutated vampire in the island of the Philippines.

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