Ratu Udre Udre

Ratu Udre Udre is said to be the most prolific cannibal based on the Guinness Book of World Record allegedly eating around 872-999 people.  He was believed to be keeping a stone for each of his victim and those stones were place alongside his tomb in Rakiraki after he died.

He was feared in the highlands of Rakiraki.  People would hide their little children when they started hearing the beat of a lali.  The beating of the lali is a sign that Udre udre is hungry and needed a human for food.  It was believed that there were groups of men working for him.    Those people would allegedly capture people and slice them and present them to Udre udre.  People often claim that the beat can be heard from far places.
Though he has already passed away, the name Udre udre is still feared by the people.  The stories of horror were being passed down from generation to generation. During his time of reign, there was a tribal war going on and a lot of people were killed and eaten along the river which is now known as the Kanakana Bridge.

Based on the stories told by the ancestors, Udre udre would eat anyone he wanted to eat.  He would first find the fat and healthy ones but he also eats children.  He would kill his victim by crashing their skull using a sharp stone.   It was believed that if Udre udre only managed to eat 1000 individuals, he would’ve attained an immortal life


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