The story about Gello can be traced as early as 600 BC.  Sappho, a Greek poet mentions this type of vampire into her poetry.  During the Byzantine period, the Gello evolved into a demon and can be found in an ancient text “Apotrofe tes miaras kai akazartu Gyllus” which means Averting of the wicked and impure Gello.  The text contains the story about the demon and also the spell that can be use against it.

According to the legend, Gello is a name of a beautiful maiden living in the Isle of Lesbos.  Eventually she died without an immediate heir or any descendants.   Because of this, the Gello returned as a vampire creature.  The favorite victims of this vampire were female children.  She would lure the children by playing with them and she will then eat them after getting bored playing with them.

If a person managed to catch a Gello, this creature is required to do his bidding in exchange for her life.  One thing that a gello cannot tell you is her 12 ½ name, a gello has to be tortured in order to squeeze that information out of her.  The Gello has to be guarded well, as it will take every opportunity to escape its master.  Once it managed to escape, the gello will not stop until she is at least 3000 miles away from its captor.

Based on the story, it took the strength of three angels to defeat this creature. Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangeloph had to join forces against the gello.  First they tried to discover her name, then after that she was forced to breastfeed on a mother of a child that she killed.  After the feeding, the gello vomited every single one of the children she consumed.  The angels eventually killed her by stoning her to death.

During the byzantine Era, the names of the three angels became three saints.  They are Sines, Sinodorus and Sinisius.

The 12 ½ names of gello are Vordona, Strigla, Psychanaspastria, Petasia, Pelagia, Paidopniktia, Mora, Marmarou,  Gulou, Chamodracaena, Byzou, Apletou and Anavadalaia.


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