In a world that is old as the Mayan civilization, it is interesting to note that a creature that resembles a vampire exist on their legends.  A Camazotz is a were-bat monster that was encountered by Hunahpu and Xbalanque while they were undergoing their trials at the underworld.   The two were known to be the Maya Hero twins, during their encounter, they had to spend their entire night at the House of bats and hide into their own blowguns in order to keep them safe from the Camazotz.  Hunahpu sticks his head out of the blowgun to check if the sun had risen, but the Camazotz immediately snatched his head and took it to the ball court which will be used by the Gods as their ball into their next game.

Camazots is a bat god which is often associated with death, blood, and night.  They have the limbs of a man, sharp claws, a huge bat wings and their canine teeth are protruding similar to a vampire.  He is said to dwell in a cave with a pool of human blood filled with bats about the size of a regular adult male that feeds on the blood.

Experts believe that the idea of the Camazotz may have been originated from the vampire bats.  Mayans believe that this creature tend to snatch the head of the victims and even known to kill a God.  In order to stop the torment of the Camazotz, a human should be sacrifice to calm the spirit of the bat.


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