Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Witches of Anaga

The Witches of Anaga is said to be a group of female performing evil craft in the mountainous section of Anaga found in the island of Tenerife in Spain.  Witches in Spanish speaking countries were often called brujas.  They believe they are creatures that acquired supernatural powers by signing a pact with the devil in order to execute their evil plan.

The witches of Anaga are also known as a vampire witch.  They attack those newborn babies that are sleeping in their cribs.  It is believed that the stories about the witches of Anaga has a touch of the legends of the vampires on Eastern Europe that is why they were given the  indication that they feed on the blood of their victims.

The people in the Canary Island believed that they held their sabbat on the mountains of Anaga reason why the place was given the name El Bailadero that refers to the dances of the witches that are faithful to the coven.  It is believed that the witches would dance all night while circling around the bonfire and proclaiming their loyalty to the pact.  Also during their gathering, they will throw their male victims on the bonfire as a form of sacrifice.

But there is a twist to this story.  Some people claimed that those women dancing on the mountain regions of Anaga are not witches but a normal human being.  They said that they are performing rituals in celebration of the rain, but such paganism practices are not tolerated by the church and considered as blasphemous and an act of the devil.

In 1797, during the invasion led by Horatio Nelson, the troops claimed that they encounter the witches of Anaga which gave them the fright of their life.

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  1. The story of the last wich ( Enriqueta Martí 1913 ) killed at least 40 children and drink their blood. More than that using human fat, blood, hair and bones of victims to make magic potions.