La Laurie Mansion

Those who are aware of the eerie side of the Voodoo they knew that the Voodoo-Hoodoo Master , Dr. John trusted no one but Delphine La Laurie.  Madame La Laurie was accounted for the death of several people and also for torturing number of slaves on the attic of her house with the help of her husband.

The house is located at the Governor Nichols St. found in New Orleans.  But recent findings claimed that these people who were supposedly tortured and whom the organs were saw outside of their body were allegedly zombies being created by Madame La Laurie.  This is said to be a part of the experiment being done by her husband as a part f the zombification.  Though it may be hard to believe circumstantial evidence was pointing towards that direction.

On the 10th of April 1834, a huge fire broke out at the Mansion.  Fortunately the fire department was quick to respond on the emergency.  While preventing the fire from spreading out, they discovered a locked door on the third floor.  They forced it open and were shocked to see that there are slaves in that room, some of them are dead, and others are tied on the table.  The bodies of the dead one were mutilated and cut open.  There are parts of human bodies scattered on the floor.  In one cage they discovered a bones and remains of a young man who seems to be remodeled to make it look like a crab.  There were also victims that went into a sex change operation.  Others had their faces turned into a gruesome creature.

While the firemen were busy and astounded on the horrors they discovered inside the mansion, it was said that Mary Ellen Pleasant was seen leaving the area with some documents.  A member of today’s secret society claimed that Ellen managed to take one document containing spells that could turn a man into a zombie.  Based on stories Mary Ellen holds the most powerful spells of Dr. John about zombification.

In 2007, the house of La Laurie Mansion was bought by a prominent Hollywood actor, Nicholas Cage.  Cage was aware about the horrific past of the mansion.  In 2008, he sold the mansion and said that he never slept in it.  He claimed that there are 6 ghosts inside the mansion that he is aware of.  They would constantly have a family dinner in the house but he would not allow them to sleep in the mansion.


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