Peter Stubb/Stumpp/Stubbe

Peter Stubb is a German who was accused of being a wolf; one of the most popular werewolf trials that happened during 1591.  Peter Stubb gave a detailed account on his transformation and mutilation of the body of his victim.  A detailed and illustrated description of his confession and trial can be found on Lambeth Palace Library.

Based on the statement of Peter Stubb, he claims that he has a direct knowledge of witchcraft at an early age of 12.  They believed that he started on his evil ways and began studying about black magic and necromancy at a young age.  He said that a demon gave him a magic girdle that allows him to transform into a wolf.  He accepted the girdle in exchange for his protection from any kind of dangers.  He returns to his normal human form when he removes the girdle.

According to the London Chapbook of 1590, and it states:
 “Stubbe Peeter herewith was exceedingly well pleased, and the shape fitted his fancy and agreed best with his nature, being inclined to blood and cruelty. Therefore, satisfied with this strange and devilish gift, for that it was not troublesome nor great in carriage, but that it might be hidden in a small room, he proceeded to the execution of sundry most heinous and vile murders; for if any person displeased him, he would incontinent thirst for revenge, and no sooner should they or any of theirs walk abroad in the fields or about the city, but in the shape of a wolf he would presently encounter them, and never rest till he had plucked out their throats and tear their joints asunder. And after he had gotten a taste hereof, he took such pleasure and delight in shedding of blood, that he would night and day walk the fields and work extreme cruelties. And sundry times he would go through the streets of Collin, Bedbur, and Cperadt, in comely habit, and very civilly, as one well known to all the inhabitants thereabout, and oftentimes was he saluted of those whose friends and children he had butchered, though nothing suspected for the same. In these places, I say, he would walk up and down, and if he could spy either maid, wife, or child that his eyes liked or his heart lusted after, he would wait their issuing out of the city or town. If he could by any means get them alone, he would in the fields ravish them, and after in his wolfish likeness cruelly murder them. Yea, often it came to pass that as he walked abroad in the fields, if he chanced to spy a company of maidens playing together or else a milking their kine, in his wolfish shape he would incontinent run among them, and while the rest escaped by flight, he would be sure to lay hold of one, and after his filthy lust fulfilled, he would murder her presently. Beside, if he had liked or known any of them, look who he had a mind unto, her he would pursue, whether she were before or behind, and take her from the rest, for such was his swiftness of foot while he continued a wolf that he would outrun the swiftest greyhound in that country; and so much he had practiced this wickedness that the whole province was feared by the cruelty of this bloody and devouring wolf.”

For 25 years, Peter Stubbe will roam around the streets of Bedbur, Cperadt and Collin as he wears nice and expensive dress, fooling the people that he came from a reputable family.  When he found his victim, he will attack them at the time that they least expected it.  There are also accounts that he molested the maidens before tearing the bodies into pieces.  His victims are not limited to women, he also killed children, animals etc. sucking their blood and draining their life out of them.  There are total of 13 accounts of murder committed by Peter Stubb.  Some of the victims are pregnant; she took the fetus out of their womb and ate their heart.

At first Stubb was not the prime suspect for the pieces of the body owned by the victim.  The people then finally got convinced that he is the culprit, when the hunters chased a wolf wearing a girdle.  The girdle slipped from his body and he turned into a human.  He was arrested and quickly placed into trial.  He immediately made a confession afraid that they might torture him.  He also named his accomplice and all 3 of them were found guilty and sentenced to die.


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