Lemures of the Ancient Rome

Lemures are the spirit of the deceased which were believed by the Ancient Rome to rise from the dead and inflict harm to those who are living.  They are also often referred to the souls of the deceased which is separated into two types; the soul of those who live a good life and those who lived a life of sin.

They are known to attack during the night time usually to scare the villagers.  In order to calm the soul of Lemures certain rituals has to be done during May 9, 11 and 13 annually by the head of the family.  He has to wake up during the wee hours of the night and walk out of the door making signs to drive away the specter of the Lemures.  He will then have to wash his hands using spring water for three times and then he have to turn around.  Black beans should be pop in the mouth, spit the black beans and throw those pieces behind you without looking.  The head of the family should utter a simple incantation and wash his hands again while making a loud noise with the basins that are made of brass and shout on the specter proclaiming that he is unwanted in your house.

After performing this ritual, you are now free to gaze to your room that is now Lemure-free.  The day that these rituals are being practiced were considered as unlucky.  Temples and other place of worships were closed during this period.

The Lemures are known to be furious since they have been tortured for a very long time.  They are considered as the weakest type of demon.  During the torture, the soul will be infused with hatred and a lemure will be born.  They commonly attack the people when they are commanded by the higher demons.  Unless you perform the ritual that was stated above or kill it, the lemure will continue to attack.


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